Rick and Michele Gedney, known as the duo, Open Book, have been writing, recording, and performing together since 2000. Their original music features melody invention and vocal harmonies backed by a tapestry of interweaving guitars. Open Book’s first two albums received national airplay and critical acclaim.

Their third album, Grateful, was released in June of 2015.


Open Book has been touring in the Northeast since 2000.  For the past four years, they have been working with Dar Williams as part of the facilitating team at Dar Williams' retreat called, Writing a Song That Matters, which is heading into it's fifth season at The Garrison Institute in New York's Hudson Valley.

Open Book has recorded with and shared the stage with many amazing musicians including: 

Al Hemberger, Billy Masters, Buddy and Julie Miller, Christine Lavin, Dan Bonis, Daniel Weiss, Dar Williams, Doug Yowell, Ellis Paul, Freedy Johnston, Ian Matthews, Ina May Wool, Jay Nicholas, Jeff Allen, Joe Crookston, John Sebastion, Jon Pousette Dart, Karen Savoca, Kathleen Pemble, KJ Denhert, Lucy Kaplansky, Marco Giovino, Mark Murphy, Michael Visceglia, Mike LaRocco, Modern Man, Pete Heitzman, Radislov Lorcovic, Richard Shindell, Rob Clores, Rob Mathes, Sara Milonovich, Sloan Wainwright, Stacy Earle, Steve Hass, Terence Martin, Tom Camp, Will Lee, Zev Katz, and many others.

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"In pop music, stealth and restraint often go unheralded, yet these qualities are every bit as important as flash and dazzle; subtlety, in the right hands, can pack as much punch as obviousness. Husband-and-wife duo Michele and Rick Gedney, aka Open Book, know all of this, and their third CD, Grateful, exemplifies the low-key power of haunting melody buttressed with expansive harmony, the satisfaction of adroit wordplay entwined with skillfully understated musicianship. Perhaps you'd forgotten the deep pleasures of a pulsing beat switching from straight time to cut time, an undistorted Stratocaster layered over a bed of acoustic strumming, a lap steel mournfully keening at the edge of a song. Grateful will remind you.
Ace drummer Dave McNamara captured Grateful at the Gedneys' home in Cold Spring. He populates it with some of the Catskills' finest Americana musos, and their additions of color and feel help make this radio-ready collection shine. All originals but one are Michele's, and her distillation powers are impressive indeed; the title track is both longing and celebration; "This is Yours Now" makes loss a thing of breathless beauty; "The Earth Will Move" is whispered, but potent, encouragement. Meanwhile, Rick's accompaniment—as distinctive harmony vocalist, co-arranger, and guitarist—cannot be underestimated. Those Gedney harmonies get showcased to great effect on Open Book's take on Lennon and McCartney's "The Night Before"—rebooted here as a great ballad—and the Richard Thompson/Neil Finn folk-pop gem "Persuasion." Bittersweet rarely sounds so good, or needed".  Chronogram Magazine, September 1, 2015 - By Robert Burke Warren
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More Press Quotes:

 "Open Book is the working identity of Michele and Rick Gedney. Their music is an amalgam of folk inflected styles with tunes that concern themselves with love and loss, their music crosses into the urban landscape as easily as it inhabits and embraces it’s rural roots. The duo’s harmonies are sublime and tastefully evocative; their music is amply fulfilling and the structures incorporate sounds that travel far outside the standard instrumentation of the base genre to incorporate sounds from the city and world."   John Hammel, Homegrown Radio    

"Open Book is a folk-rock duo, yes, but the big advantage of having two co-leaders in harmony and agreement rests on the spectrum of influence and experience each brings to the table...songcraft and soul-filling vocals of sterling quality..."                                                     Thomas Staudter, The Gazette/The New York Times

"Blown away by the HARMONIES! People, they're exquisite....live, their vocals are really front and center where they damn well should be. Michele's pristine tone, at times reminiscent of Shawn Colvin's, just soars and Rick's voice complements hers beautifully...shines on his own too."  Sam Tallerico, WVKR Radio

"Open Book's songs build on Rick and Michele's beautiful and entwining harmonies, achieving an incantatory power." Jim Motavalli, WPKN Radio