Press Quotes:

"In pop music, stealth and restraint often go unheralded, yet these qualities are every bit as important as flash and dazzle; subtlety, in the right hands, can pack as much punch as obviousness. Husband-and-wife duo Michele and Rick Gedney, aka Open Book, know all of this, and their third CD, Grateful, exemplifies the low-key power of haunting melody buttressed with expansive harmony, the satisfaction of adroit wordplay entwined with skillfully understated musicianship. Perhaps you'd forgotten the deep pleasures of a pulsing beat switching from straight time to cut time, an undistorted Stratocaster layered over a bed of acoustic strumming, a lap steel mournfully keening at the edge of a song. Grateful will remind you. Bittersweet rarely sounds so good, or needed".  Chronogram Magazine, September 1, 2015 - By Robert Burke Warren

"Open Book is the working identity of Michele and Rick Gedney. Their music is an amalgam of folk inflected styles with tunes that concern themselves with love and loss, their music crosses into the urban landscape as easily as it inhabits and embraces it’s rural roots. The duo’s harmonies are sublime and tastefully evocative; their music is amply fulfilling and the structures incorporate sounds that travel far outside the standard instrumentation of the base genre to incorporate sounds from the city and world."   John Hammel, Homegrown Radio   

"Open Book is a folk-rock duo, yes, but the big advantage of having two co-leaders in harmony and agreement rests on the spectrum of influence and experience each brings to the table...songcraft and soul-filling vocals of sterling quality..."  Thomas Staudter, The Gazette/The New York Times

"Blown away by the HARMONIES! People, they're, their vocals are really front and center where they damn well should be. Michele's pristine tone, at times reminiscent of Shawn Colvin's, just soars and Rick's voice complements hers beautifully...shines on his own too."  Sam Tallerico, WVKR Radio

"Open Book's songs build on Rick and Michele's beautiful and entwining harmonies, achieving an incantatory power." Jim Motavalli, WPKN Radio

"Intelligent and astute songwriting.  Hot on the heels of their emerging artist showcase gig at this year's Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, singer-guitarists Michele Rubin and Rick Gedney—Open Book—return with their second solid, folk-filled CD. The Things We Keep, like its tuneful predecessor, 2002's Out of Time, is an engaging amalgam of harmony vocals, tasty folk rock, and, most importantly, intelligent and astute songwriting that fully realizes that whatever the two songwriters are living through, most of their audience has also experienced. Unlike many contemporaries, the duo and its producer-guitarist, Billy Masters, know not to overproduce the music, and instead let the songs speak not only for themselves but to Open Book's deservedly growing audience. Evidence of this can be heard throughout the disc but radiates especially on the poppy lope of "Sing Me Love"; the evocative immediacy of my favorite track, "Springfield Avenue," which could be about any Main Street in the Hudson Valley; and the funky, unwinding "There for You." Other folk rockers include the closing "See You Next Time" and the chunky "New Direction Home." Mike Jurkovic, Chronogram Magazine

Some thoughts from listeners:

" What a beautiful album! The choice and sequencing of songs is perfect; your performances are flawless and moving; and the production seems to have captured your sound just as I would hear it in my mind if thinking about your live performances. So congratulations on a great success, and many thanks for sharing your thoughtful and beautiful music with the world!"

"I love your harmonies and your writing. Terrific cd."

"I downloaded it a couple days ago and have been listening pretty much nonstop.  It’s a really beautiful record.  Everything sounds wonderful, it flows well, and the songs are great - including a few that I haven’t heard before, so either you were holding out or it’s just been awhile since I’ve seen you live. Looking forward to your release party and congratulations on a great achievement - you should be really happy with this."

"Wow!  Just had a listen.  So beautiful - and soulful.  I'm Grateful too! - for this CD.  I am so familiar & fond of your songs from editing that video, it's so great to hear them recorded so beautifully. I'm glad you kept the production simple and clean.  Great sound!!  You and Rick should be pleased and proud “parents”.  Thanks for making it and enriching people's lives" 

"Thank you for such a wonderful evening, I do not think you have ever sounded better. Needless to say Mark and your daughter were incredible as well. From the turn out last night you are much LOVED. After listening to the new CD several times, not only do I find the songs stunning BUT the production and sound to be amazing as well." 

"Your show last night was so beautiful, been listening to the cd since you gave it to me, it makes me cry but I love it anyway, thanks so much."

 "I was so excited to see you had a new CD! I finally got to listen to it my favorite way, on a road trip - love it! And so "grateful" to see that that song is on it (such a fitting title) - I remember being so moved by it at one of your concerts, when the passion for music makes you lose sleep but you don't care. So many good songs and your gorgeous harmonies - love "Second Chance", "Sounds like rain", your haunting rendition of "The night before" - your CD will be my new soundtrack for awhile."

"I did not get to talk to you but we were there and now I'm listening to your beautiful music in my car."

"Just want to give 2 giant thumbs up to Rick Gedney and Michele Gedney. of Open Book, who put out a new CD entitled "Grateful". The CD is delicious from beginning to end. They have a well-defined, laconic style and sound. The interesting guitar tunings and harmonies perk up your ears in the very best of ways."

"I just finished listening to Grateful (finally!). An hour of smiling, trying to figure out your harmonies, getting chills from the lyrics, and the wonderful memories of last summer when I first heard This Is Yours Now, Safe and Sound and your covers of Persuasion and The Night Before. In a Spring with so many wonderful new albums out, yours really does stand out. Wishing you and Rick all the best and much success"

"Listening to your music is mesmerizing, peaceful, uplifting ... as is gazing at Rick's paintings. I could go on, but instead I'll just say thank you"