"Grateful exemplifies the low-key power of haunting melody buttressed with expansive harmony, the satisfaction of adroit wordplay entwined with skillfully understated musicianship. Those Gedney harmonies get showcased to great effect on Open Book's take on Lennon and McCartney's "The Night Before"—rebooted here as a great ballad—and the Richard Thompson/Neil Finn folk-pop gem "Persuasion. Bittersweet rarely sounds so good, or needed".  Robert Burke Warren, Chronogram Magazine   

Produced by Rick and Michele Gedney, 2015

The Things We Keep

"The Things We engaging amalgam of harmony vocals, tasty folk rock, and most importantly, intelligent and astute songwriting that fully realizes that whatever the two songwriters are living through, most of their audience has also experienced." Mike Jurkovic, Chronogram Magazine

Produced by Billy Masters, 2006


Out Of Time

Out of Time.jpg

"This debut CD, "Out of Time" is testimony for everyone, who knew, from the first time their sound made contact with our aural faculties -- These people really know how to make music. What happens when you give a folk musician a Stradivarius? Michele's voice is like a bow being drawn across finely tuned strings. Overall, the musicianship runs like liquid gold through this entire auspicious debut. Hearing the voices of Rick and Michele weave through this set of elegant melodies is an enormous treat." Richard Cuccarro, Acoustic Live Magazine

Produced by Billy Masters, 2002


2018 Sunset Concert Series - Port Washington, NY